Thursday, September 29, 2011

Augmented (27th September 2011)

It started with me working in a mine, futuristic ones with sophisticated technologies and gadgets. There were around 20 or so other miners working around me, some are pushing the cart while others mining some stones and blowing stuffs up. I realize that my right hand is not of flesh but of metal and steel all the way to my arm. My right arm is noticably stronger than of my original arm. Even some of the miners have a bionic arm too.

It seems that I've been long saving money to buy a new house just around the corner and today is the day that I'll be buying the house. I gladly move in my new house, unpacked and crashed on my sofa. After awhile, I let out a loud sigh and went outside to get my dinner.

I opened the door to the diner, it was crowded. Almost all the booth has been taken and I can hear chattering all over the place. Looking around, I see an old friend of mine at a booth around the corner with a few of his mates. I go by and greet him. He is filled with rage and smacked at the table wanted to fight me the moment he saw my face. I'm puzzled and asked why is he so mad at me. His friend says "You killed all of his family members with that metal arm of yours and left him so wounded he had to get a heart transplant. And you still have the guts to show up here."

I'm greatly shocked by the news I slip away quietly. I remembered that his home was on the top of a hill just around the corner. I decided to stop by his home and hopefully to pick up some clues on what happened. The house is ruined, it is dark and thrashed. Thunders then begin to growl and it starts pouring shortly afterwards. I rushed inside the ruined house in my attempt to not get myself wey.

Rain water can be seen flowing down leaks on the roof and there are broken furniture all around the living room. As I look around, my memory of how I slaughtered his family and left him gravely wounded began coming back to me. In a moment, I can't believe I did all of these when suddenly I hear a loud bang from the top floor. I rushed upstairs only to find out a friend of mine, Mr.C clearing out stuffs for rebuilding purposes... in the dark. Unlike other people I met, he's of 100% flesh without a single hint of metal on his body. Reluctantly, he says "Oh, it's you. Told ya to get rid that cursed arm of yours. See what it did to you and all these shit." as soon as he realize that I'm there.

Then... I can't remember what happened...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Archer (14th September 2011)

In the dream, I was Chinese empire archer. It started with me standing with a bunch of people facing a huge gate and a battle is upon us. It's night, it is pitch black and is lit only with lanterns and torch. Sounds of battle, commanders yelling and screams of misery can be heard outside of the huge gate. Standing on my left side is a girl about the height of my shoulder and she too is a fellow archer and it felt like I have known her for some time. Why are there a girl in a Chinese empire army, I've no idea. She noticed something from my uniform is loose and helped me to tie it and lastly give me a pat on my back. I got a hunch that I will never come back alive and I know that I love this girl (in the dream). I give her a big hug just moments before the gates open and flares can be seen shooting up in the sky to luminate the battlefields.

I charge into the battlefield. After a while the girl is nowhere to be found, the battlefield is too chaotic. It is dark, dusty and the only time I can see clearly is when someone shot a flare up giving light for about 5 minutes and even it's that, the light flashes like a burned out light bulub. I figure I have no time for this as there is a battle to be fought now, so I keep shooting. Not before long, I ran out of arrows. I'd start salvaging arrows from corpses but the enemies seem endless, so I pulled out my short pike and start fighting. I'm slashed from the back in a blink of an eye into the fight. As I die, stuffs from memory I didn't live through flashes in my eyes.

I saw myself in a shooting range, learning to shoot an arrow straight with a few dudes and lasses beside me. I blacked out and wake up in another scene, where I was walking with a few army friends of mine on a roofed bridge beside a waterfall. We were going there since one of the fat guy said that he found out that the gals have been to the waterfall to take a bath, so we perverts rushed there with our uniforms on. So, we scared the gals away and there's only left us dudes, the waterfall and the bridge. Some of the dudes jumped in the waterfall since the gals were gone. While a few groups of us, including me and a few of my friends stayed on the bridge and chat.

We started with some small talks, a friend of mine said "Why are we even fighting this war anyways? We are obviously losing the war." where another replied him "Well, you can just run away." "To where? The whole China is in war!" "That'll be impossible... Getting out of this country now is like staying alive in the battlefield." and there was a pause in the chit chatting, other groups muffled voice and laughter can be heard from the background together with the sound of splashing water from the waterfall. "I broke the silence with, well you can just hide away from the real battle and shoots arrow now and then. I know I did, that's why I'm still breathing and talking to you guys now!" The others laughed and the scene faded out.

Then, another scene came in. It was just after a battle, I can see soldiers salvaging and piling the dead for a mass cremation in a nearby city. It happened that I ended up with only one arrow in my quiver. I searched for arrows from the corpses and I found none but a short pike I decided to keep. Then someone tap my shoulder from the back and hand me over some arrows. It was that gal (that one from the start), she gave me half of her arrows to me. I took the arrows delightly and said thanks. We took a stroll in the city and chatted for a bit. Civilians were donating arrows to us archers and she excused herself since I was short on arrows. I bid farewell and ran ahead collecting arrows from civilians and then it all fades to black again.

Then one short scene appears before me, it seems that my sister who is working as a transport and export manager or some sort is going to send or get some supplies from nearby countries. She points to an island in the map and said that she could smuggle me to a country called Singapore to hide while the war ends since she knows that I don't want to fight the war no more. I blacked out not long while after she said that and I guess I died.

As to why I never went along with the shipment to Singapore, I don't know.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Becoming my enemy 24th July 2011

It begins with me lost in a gloomy mall in the night. The mall is very large lit only with some light akin to those of street lamps. I am running away from someone that wanted my skin whom reason unknown since I have forgotten about it. My run is joined by two of my friends, Mr. A and Mr.R. As I am panting away through the corridors, they suggest me to follow them to the higher floors. I accept the offer by nodding and follow them running to the top floors.

We run through a glass door to an open garden where I can see the sky above complete with the moon and some stars around. There is a large pool in front of us which reflected the moon and the stars. We run towards the pool and find out that it is a dead end. As we stand at the edge of the pool where the water from the pool fall to the lower levels pool. We have no choice but to jump down as the unknown assailants close in.

I hessitate to jump as it is a long way down to the lower level. I jumped anyway after my friend shouted "You gotta trust me in this!". We jump down only to be caught be the assailants once we reached the shore. The point of view darkens and I woke up finding myself chasing down some unknown strangers across the mall like the assailants did. It feels like years have passed since I was caught by the assailants and I am one of them now. God knows how long I've been chasing down strangers like this.

I made up my mind that I am not to be like one of them, I go rogue as I escape them. I run to a tower and climb towards the top via a spiralling staircase. I meet with another deadend and I jump to a conveyor belt as the assailants approaches. There are containers all along the conveyor belt as if they are mass producing the thing. I hid in one of the huge weird looking containers on the belt. The assailants tries to find me but failed as I move away from the scene inside the containers, however I am still trapped within.

The belt bring me and the container to a series of stages i.e. welding off openings of the containers. It now seems that the containers are some spare parts to a larger unknown object. Something happened then woke me up, I can't remember what though.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sodom and Gomorrah

I'm in a busy dim lighted city crowded with thousands of people walking around hastily minding their own business. Most of the inhabitant there wears dark coloured jackets namely gray, brown and black. I am standing in front of a partly glass-made double story metro station and it is somewhere in the afternoon. It feels weird and a little uneasy since I can't see the sun in the afternoon, the lighting at the time is more suited for sometimes like 7 p.m.

As I walk through the city towards the metro station I found a friend of mine, Mr.Lee. In contrast to the other thousands of people around, he is wearing a white t-shirt. He is standing there looking upwards with a piece of map on his hands. I approached him and gaze upon the direction he looked and saw a huge shadow of a stationary airplane on the sky. I stare at it for quite sometime and realize that there's something wrong about it. The sky have no clouds at all and it doesn't resembles the sky I know in real life and how the hell a commercial airplane remains stationary in the sky?

Mr.Lee then told me what has happened and tt seems that there are two layers of glass with water in between separating the top and the bottom of the city. Afterwards I make a promise to myself that I'm going to go to the top of the city to see what it is like. With my neck soring from the gaze, I give a pat in the shoulder of my friend and suggest him to move on. We both walk for a distance before reaching the doorstep of a 7-11 where I wanted to stop by. On the doorstep, I hears a familliar voice calling me "Kam Tze!" from behind. I startled and I turned around to find out the who is the owner of this familliar voice. No one I know can be seen and I resume to buying stuffs from the mart.

As I enter the 7-11 I notice that the store too is dimly lighted, some of the lights are barely working, some not working at all and there seems to be very little stock in everything. I picked up a box of tic-tac as my friend browse for stuffs he wants when suddenly someone tap my shoulder from my back calling me "Kam Tze" again with the same familliar voice. I quickly turn around and notices that the owner of the voice was Ms.Yip with her new hairstlye dyed dark red. She then proceeds to say something to me which I can't hear her and left to shop.

I then proceed to the back of the shop for some coke when suddenly I realize another Mr.Lee is standing in the dark, he too is wearing white shirt. I remembered he went abroad and I stayed and chat a few with him. Afterwards I approached the fridge and when I reached for the bottle of coke, I hear a loud bang from outside. The ground shakes violently and from the sound of it, it seems that the city above were falling down to the crumbling city where I am. I panicked and runs outside. Looking at the city above falling down inevitably crushing all of us I heard a loud bark. Then I woke up from the noise of Whisky's barking.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

(Bio-Nanobots Terrorism) 9th March 2011

I wake up to find myself lying in the middle of what appears to be the rubble of a building. Concrete pieces are all over the place and dusts fills the thick air. I can't feel the sun even though it is in the afternoon as the dust is so thick it blocks the sun. I struggles as I stand up holding some concrete pieces nearby. My head feels heavy, I am in no better condition than a beaten up guy in the bar and I see no soul around. Reluctantly, I lifts my feet and explores my surrounding having no idea of what actually happened there.

I found some scraps of newspapers lying around buring under dusts and pebbles. I bend over to take a closer look of what's on it. The title on the front page is "End of the World" and it was dated 12th of June 2011. I grab the piece of paper near and read the contents of the news. As I read the paper, my vision changes to the vision of a researcher of some sort of science lab in the Alps.

A calendar nearby indicates that the time during the vision is sometime during August in the year 2010. The team was on the brink of discovering a new technology, a breakthrough in nano technology. One of the scientists even mentioned that they might win the nobel prize for the breakthrough. I tread towards them asking what is this breakthrough. One of the bearded scientist replied me with full enthusiasm and a russian slang, "Tis is ze breakthrough of ze lifetime! Bio-nanobots." I gave him a puzzled look. "Nano sized robots zat are capable of entering bloodstreams and can be programmed to say... attack cancer cells? or maybe attack ze viruses. However ze nano bots are very small that one needs thousands of them for the nanites to be fully functional" He explains further still with his russian slang, "Bio-nanites on the other hand, needs only one to be operational since it can reproduce itself just like a living organism."

My vision then started to blur out and changed to the perspective of a middle east man. It seems that I have somehow obtained a vial of the bio-nanites and I'm there to threaten the US government that we will unleash a rogue programmed nanites to the world if their soldiers are not pulled back to their country. Since the technology for such feat is not possible at the time, the government ignored my threat and the rest of the terrorist squad decided to release the nanites on 20th May 2011.

I blurred out again and I am restored to my own vision. I looked around and I realize that there were something eating the concrete off. I panicked and run as the nanites 'eat' the rubbles behind me. I tripped over some concrete block and fall down and then... I woke up...

(Wings) 9th March 2011

I was standing on a pavement near my college in a warm morning in the dream. Everything is just like normal, hawker selling foods, traffic jam and students walking around. I'm talking with my lecturer about my absence yesterday. "Nah, I'm not sick. I'm just being lazy" I told my lecturer half smiling and my lecturer give me a half frustrated and shock look in his face. All of a sudden I feel an intense pain from my back and everything around me becomes slow motion as the adrenaline kicks in. Something broke out from my skin then and I realized that I grew a pair of wings, some eagle-like wings. "What the heck is happening? Am I dreaming?" I thought to myself overwhelmingly.

I try to take a glimpse of my wings and as I turn my head I realize that passerbys are as shocked as I am. Their eyebrows raised and eyeballs popping having seeing something so unbelievable. Later then people started screaming and treating me like a freak, a demon incarnate. I saw some students started taking pictures of me while a handful started calling police. Some began throwing stones at me as I cower from the stones and taking cover under my wings. Shortly afterwards, the police arrive pointing heir guns at me.

I panickly run away from the police and they started shooting at me. I tried to fly using me newly formed wings but to no avail. I can't balance as I leave the ground and I almost fall off as the police is closing in. I try my best to synchronize both wings as the police started pointing their guns at me again while shouting me their last warning. Then, I began to fly away to the roof of a nearby building. I crash landed on the roof. There, I give myself some private time to think what should I do and what just happened as the sound of siren echoes from the concrete walls.

I figure that if I am to just wait there on the roof, the police will come and get me sooner or later. I summoned all my will and courage to fly away again to my safety as I step towards the ledge, looking downwards to the road. The cars are the size of a matchbox from there as I gulp in fear. Nevertheless, I jumped and spread my wings and then.... I woke up....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

19th February (The Chase)

It started off with me and two of my friends lining up for a movie ticket. We pondered quite some time which movie should we watch while in the line and finally decided to watch "The Dark Knight". The seats that shows in the monitor was seriously odd, some seats were facing the screen while some others are facing the walls like some sort of labyrinth. Then we stroll somemore in the mall waiting for the showtime and then we're confronted by three suspicious looking person, one female and two male which suspect us for some notorious criminal.

I can't remember any crime I've committed but I did felt guilt and fear for some crime I can't remember I have done. I casually told them "You guys got the wrong dudes" and walked away. While we're walking around, I can feel that they're following us as I can hear one of them whisper very clearly. Me and my friends then went on an escalator to the top floor. They were following closely behind us. While on the escalator, I take a look at my watch and realize that the show has start about 15 minutes. I whispered my friends to run and hide in the cinema. They nodded.

When we reached the top floor, I signal my friends to speed off when suddenly one of the guy appears beside me holding my shoulder and saying "Going somewhere?". In an impulse I turned around and kicked the other two guys behind me, both of them fell down like a domino down the escalator. The guy holding my shoulder was shocked for awhile and I took the chance to speed off like a roadrunner.

I can see my friends running far in front of me into the cinema. The old indian guy ticket collector was yelling at them "Hey, stop! Where is your ticket?!" Immediately, I ran in front of him and showed our ticket. He give me back the other portion of the ticket where my seats were written and I accidently dropped it. For a moment I thought it's best to just run away without the tickets but then... for some reason I went back and pick it up. While I'm picking it up, I can see the three guys running towards me with fierce looks in their face. Fortunately, the ticket collector stopped them from advancing.

I waste no time and ran into the cinema, pick a random seat and hide away. Inside I saw the odd placement of chairs in the cinema. Some are facing the screen and some are facing the walls as mentioned earlier, but now I noticed that some of the seats are levitating. I was stunned for a moment thinking to myself "How the heck can this happen?".

Then I heard the squeaking sound of the door behind me, I immediately took my glasses off and pretend to be sleeping. I can hear the sounds of their whispers among each others and I can see that the flashlight was pointed at me from under my eyelids. I pretend to sleep even harder and suddenly I sense that one of them were in front of me. I opened my eyes, the guy hit me with the torchlight and when the torchlight was about to hit me I woke up.