Thursday, September 29, 2011

Augmented (27th September 2011)

It started with me working in a mine, futuristic ones with sophisticated technologies and gadgets. There were around 20 or so other miners working around me, some are pushing the cart while others mining some stones and blowing stuffs up. I realize that my right hand is not of flesh but of metal and steel all the way to my arm. My right arm is noticably stronger than of my original arm. Even some of the miners have a bionic arm too.

It seems that I've been long saving money to buy a new house just around the corner and today is the day that I'll be buying the house. I gladly move in my new house, unpacked and crashed on my sofa. After awhile, I let out a loud sigh and went outside to get my dinner.

I opened the door to the diner, it was crowded. Almost all the booth has been taken and I can hear chattering all over the place. Looking around, I see an old friend of mine at a booth around the corner with a few of his mates. I go by and greet him. He is filled with rage and smacked at the table wanted to fight me the moment he saw my face. I'm puzzled and asked why is he so mad at me. His friend says "You killed all of his family members with that metal arm of yours and left him so wounded he had to get a heart transplant. And you still have the guts to show up here."

I'm greatly shocked by the news I slip away quietly. I remembered that his home was on the top of a hill just around the corner. I decided to stop by his home and hopefully to pick up some clues on what happened. The house is ruined, it is dark and thrashed. Thunders then begin to growl and it starts pouring shortly afterwards. I rushed inside the ruined house in my attempt to not get myself wey.

Rain water can be seen flowing down leaks on the roof and there are broken furniture all around the living room. As I look around, my memory of how I slaughtered his family and left him gravely wounded began coming back to me. In a moment, I can't believe I did all of these when suddenly I hear a loud bang from the top floor. I rushed upstairs only to find out a friend of mine, Mr.C clearing out stuffs for rebuilding purposes... in the dark. Unlike other people I met, he's of 100% flesh without a single hint of metal on his body. Reluctantly, he says "Oh, it's you. Told ya to get rid that cursed arm of yours. See what it did to you and all these shit." as soon as he realize that I'm there.

Then... I can't remember what happened...

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